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Why Do Temp Workers Work as Hard as They Do?

This is the question that Shinji Kojima wants to answer in his article that was published in 2015 (The Sociological Quarterly). Kojima presents the results of an ethnographic study of Japanese factory agency workers, thereby showing that agency work can … Continue reading

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So, commitment in OB is about employees’ commitment to the organization, right? Wrong!

Looking at OB textbooks, you will easily discover that for most textbook authors commitment is about organizational commitment. In this sense, commitment is usually presented as the bond that individuals develop towards the organization they are working for. So, organizational … Continue reading

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Work, Employment and Society – “Voice of the workers”

In its ‘On the Front Line Collection’, the journal Work, Employment & Society currently offers free access to a series of articles about current realities of work. It is a great resource to introduce young students who might not have … Continue reading

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