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Isolated, unprotected and scared to speak out

In case you are able to engage your students into reading longer texts, I would like to recommend the following one that I found in the “Guardian online” today: How the most vulnerable workers are targeted for sexual abuse In … Continue reading

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Speaking of Social Class…

Are you living in the UK and work as a cleaner, a caretaker, a retail cashier, or in a leisure and travel service occupation? If this is the case then according to the study of Savage et al. (2013) you … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as innate human nature? Or are we shaped by our experiences and the power of the cultural and social institutions around us?

A couple of years ago, made available a discussion between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault entitled “The Clash of Titans”. Their discussion addressed the two fundamental questions: Is there such a thing as innate human nature? Or are we … Continue reading

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Gender Inequality In the Workplace

“Inequality can be seen in all aspects of life, including the workplace; Christine L. Williams discusses such inequality in her book Inside Toyland. In order to conduct research on social inequality, Williams obtained jobs at two toy stores and found … Continue reading

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A further list of discussion questions

During the past year I developed more discussion questions that could be used during the classes or in the examinations. Some of the questions have been adopted from Fiona Wilson (2013) Organizational Behaviour and Work. A Critical Introduction. Oxford University … Continue reading

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Sure, we are long beyond this gender inequality stuff…

Although this may also fall into the field of critical marketing, I think this video could be both suitable to cheer up your students and to make them think of the issues of gender in Western societies.    

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What Should Economies be Aimed at?

In this video Kate Raworth provides some critical thoughts about economic growth as constituting the primary aim of economic, and by implication, societal development. I believe that it may work well during classes where you set the scene for the … Continue reading

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