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Life and death in Apple’s forbidden city Advertisements

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Disturbing art against destructive working conditions: „Fashion Victims“ Street Art

„With explosive action and the strong emotional content of this Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez reminds Madrid the death of 1,127 textile workers underpaid, which took place following the collapse of a building, Rana Palace in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in April. The … Continue reading

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A further list of discussion questions

During the past year I developed more discussion questions that could be used during the classes or in the examinations. Some of the questions have been adopted from Fiona Wilson (2013) Organizational Behaviour and Work. A Critical Introduction. Oxford University … Continue reading

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The Psychic Life of Neo-liberalism

Neo-liberalist ideology constitutes one of the scene-setting issues for understanding Organisational Behaviour, I believe. No matter whether you refer to private enterprises, public organisations or governmental institutions, many, if not most of the so-called Western countries adopted the ideology of … Continue reading

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What Should Economies be Aimed at?

In this video Kate Raworth provides some critical thoughts about economic growth as constituting the primary aim of economic, and by implication, societal development. I believe that it may work well during classes where you set the scene for the … Continue reading

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Human trafficking and globalisation

Beginning my course in Organisational Behaviour, I attempted to set the scene for my students and therefore talked with them about the contested meaning and effects of globalisation, selected trends with regard to the working population (particularly, age, race, ethnicity), … Continue reading

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