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Deep acting is good for you

All of you, who are familiar with the concept of emotional labour will remember that Arlie Russell Hochschild (1983) suggests two strategies of how employees respond to organizational demands to display certain emotions and to enact behavioural scripts – surface … Continue reading

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Emotional Labour as Gendered Performance

As Rose Hackman in her 2015 article in the Guardian shows, emotional labour constitutes a gendered activity. This may not be new to you, particularly as the concept is largely studied within contexts of jobs and occupations that used to … Continue reading

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Crew Orientation in the Fast Food Industry – Regulating Employees’ Behaviour, Emotions, and Identities

The other day one of my students told me about the McDonalds Crew Orientation Modules available on Youtube. I think it might be a good idea sharing them with you as you might wish to use them to show your … Continue reading

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Research Highlights – Managing emotional labour

In this short three minutes video, Anya Johnson and Helena Nguyen introduce us to the concept of emotional labour and its implication for work. A nice one, I believe, to make your students familiar with the concept, which could in … Continue reading

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Male flight attendants’ identity work

I assume that not many of us struggle explaining to our students how male flight attendants have to work on their identity as a reaction to for example being employed in a sex-stereotyped occupation and the emotional labour that is … Continue reading

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There is a cost when we care

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Deskilling emotional labour

Just (issue) published in Work, Employment and Society: Ikeler, Peter (2016). Deskilling emotional labour: Evidence from department store retail. Work, employment and society, 30(6), 966-983. doi: doi:10.1177/0950017015609031 Abstract How have the skills of service jobs changed? Have they undergone deskilling, … Continue reading

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