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Heterotopian Studies

I found an interesting Blog that is devoted to Foucault’s notion of heterotopia. The Blog-owner describes the site in the following way: “The site is devoted to Michel Foucault’s ideas on heterotopia. Foucault outlines the notion of heterotopia on three occasions between 1966-67. … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Organizational Behavior Text

“Although the pedagogy of organizational behavior (OB) has made some progress in addressing gender, racial, and cultural diversity in the past decade, it remains essentially noncritical-politically, economically, socially, and ecologically. It continues to uphold positivist conventions, reinforce modernistic illusions of … Continue reading

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New Books on Gender Studies and Critical Social Theory

The other day I received a notification from Sage that there are two new books available, which – according to my opinion – could be interesting for critical OB teaching. Jane Pilcher and Imelda Whelehan: “Key Concepts in Gender Studies” … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as innate human nature? Or are we shaped by our experiences and the power of the cultural and social institutions around us?

A couple of years ago, made available a discussion between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault entitled “The Clash of Titans”. Their discussion addressed the two fundamental questions: Is there such a thing as innate human nature? Or are we … Continue reading

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A bundle of critique on capitalism

In case your critical OB-teaching involves being critical towards capitalism, this offer might be of interest: I bought them 😉

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Critical pedagogy: “Yeah, let us do that!” vs. “No, let us rather stop doing it!”

Today I provide you two opinions on critical pedagogy and whether we should educate our students into critical thinkers or not. In the ‘pros-corner’, there is Tait Coles, then being vice principal at Dixons City Academy in Bradford. He explains … Continue reading

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