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Isolated, unprotected and scared to speak out

In case you are able to engage your students into reading longer texts, I would like to recommend the following one that I found in the “Guardian online” today: How the most vulnerable workers are targeted for sexual abuse In … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Organizational Behavior Text

“Although the pedagogy of organizational behavior (OB) has made some progress in addressing gender, racial, and cultural diversity in the past decade, it remains essentially noncritical-politically, economically, socially, and ecologically. It continues to uphold positivist conventions, reinforce modernistic illusions of … Continue reading

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A bundle of critique on capitalism

In case your critical OB-teaching involves being critical towards capitalism, this offer might be of interest: I bought them 😉

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Off-topic: “Economics is For Everyone”

This recent RSA Animates-series video is clearly not about Organisational Behaviour but about the field of Economics. However, I post it here because it could tell us some lessons on the purpose of university teaching. To begin with, I believe … Continue reading

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Work, Employment and Society – “Voice of the workers”

In its ‘On the Front Line Collection’, the journal Work, Employment & Society currently offers free access to a series of articles about current realities of work. It is a great resource to introduce young students who might not have … Continue reading

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RSA animations, short films and event videos

This is a follow up on my last post since I think that RSA has more to offer than the animation on motivation. The RSA Animates-series that is offered by the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures … Continue reading

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How capitalist economy works…

  This is a re-post from

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