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Squeezing Identity In

Do you also wonder, why the topic of identity, which gained a lot of prominence in Organization Studies, has not yet found its entry into OB teaching? At least this question appears when one has a look into the numerous … Continue reading

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Article – A Mosquito in the Classroom

Audebrand, Luc K., Annie Camus, und Valérie Michaud. 2017. A Mosquito in the Classroom: Using the Cooperative Business Model to Foster Paradoxical Thinking in Management Education. Journal of Management Education 41 (2): 216–248. doi: 10.1177/1052562916682552. [] Abstract Although the paradox … Continue reading

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Who determines the regime of working-time flexibility in Germany?

Offering employees a certain degree of flexibility to self-determine their working time is often seen a one way of enhancing motivation levels among the workforce. According to the classical OB understanding this will subsequently enhance performance levels, raise degrees of … Continue reading

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Systems change – Big or Small?

I believe that many university teachers, who decide to teach OB in a non-functionalist way –  hence, a way that emphasizes the contested nature of organizations and that associates agency (thus, significance) to all actors in an organization – do … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Metaphors for Business and Workplaces

Following the blog entry by John W. Budd in (, I would like to invite you to do a little exercise with your students. Ask your students to read the business press (incl. the news distributed via the internet) … Continue reading

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Hungry Students Could Help Fighting Food Waste

Students are usually expected to absorb knowledge in huge quantities. No wonder that many of them end up being fairly hungry after a long day at the university. The TooGoodToGo-App ( could help students to get good food from well-established … Continue reading

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Leadership and the Role of Followers

Select any OB textbook from your shelf and read the chapter(s) on leadership. You will quickly notice that the leadership research that is presented in these chapters is essentially leader-centred research. This admittedly is not a new insight. Much of … Continue reading

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