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Dismissed by a machine

How would you feel if your employer would implement an automated system of performance measure that uses algorithms to monitor your work output and to decide about your future in the organization? Many of you would probably rebel against such … Continue reading

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Deep acting is good for you

All of you, who are familiar with the concept of emotional labour will remember that Arlie Russell Hochschild (1983) suggests two strategies of how employees respond to organizational demands to display certain emotions and to enact behavioural scripts – surface … Continue reading

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Are women better leaders?

This semester I asked my students to write a short up-to-six-pages scientific essay about the topic “Are women better leaders?”. We discussed this question during some of our classes and we developed answers from various angles. Many of my students … Continue reading

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Emotional Labour as Gendered Performance

As Rose Hackman in her 2015 article in the Guardian shows, emotional labour constitutes a gendered activity. This may not be new to you, particularly as the concept is largely studied within contexts of jobs and occupations that used to … Continue reading

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Crew Orientation in the Fast Food Industry – Regulating Employees’ Behaviour, Emotions, and Identities

The other day one of my students told me about the McDonalds Crew Orientation Modules available on Youtube. I think it might be a good idea sharing them with you as you might wish to use them to show your … Continue reading

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Like pigs to the slaughter? (adapted from J. M. Corbett, 1994)

Source: J. Martin Corbett (1994) Critical Cases in Organisational Behaviour, Palgrave, p. 232 I presented this cartoon to my students in one of our classes on the topics of power, politics, control and resistance. I asked them to interpret the … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on: Lynda Gratton (2004) The Democratic Enterprise. Liberating Your Business with Freedom, Flexibility and Commitment. Prentice Hall

The other day I was strolling around in the library – something that I often used to do in past but only occasionally nowadays – when the above book caught my eye. Without looking into the book, I borrowed it … Continue reading

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