What is Organizational Communication?

When addressing the topic of communication, most OB textbooks refer to the sender-receiver-model, write about downward, upward, and lateral as well as written, oral, and no-verbal communication, discuss various types of communication channels and how to best use them for conveying different messages, and pay attention to formal communication and the grapevine.

I have not yet been able to find a OB textbook that introduces students to the idea that it is through communication that we establish the whole notion of what we take to be the organization. Even though the concept of communication as being constitutive for organizations has become quite prominent within organization studies, at least among those, who work in the subfield of organizational communication, apparently it has not yet found its way into OB textbooks.

In case you would supplement your OB textbook, you could do so by watching the following video aptly differentiating between the more classical way of understanding communication in organizations and the perspective that sees organizations as communication.

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