The motivating effect of being nude

How would you feel when your employer offers you to work naked in order to improve motivation? Well, I had a hard time imagining how this would look at my workplace… However, after receiving complaints about the de-motivating effects of the rigid dress code, the management of a publishing house in San Francisco, California, came up with this rather ‘creative’ reply. For the period of one month they invited their staff to be naked while working. The idea of this social experiment was to foster openness and boost employee morale. Please read the story on

You may also want to have a look at a similar case from the UK:

Do you believe that it worked? Was this just a clever idea to improve motivation or what else could have been achieved by deliberately transgressing the customs related to the exposure of the nude body at the workplace? How would you feel when your management would decide to increase moral and motivation through such a measure? Did this idea in fact have any effect on employee morale and motivation? Did it perhaps have other effects, too?

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