Off-topic: “Economics is For Everyone”

This recent RSA Animates-series video is clearly not about Organisational Behaviour but about the field of Economics. However, I post it here because it could tell us some lessons on the purpose of university teaching. To begin with, I believe that it portrays university teaching as a way to introduce students to the variety of perspectives of what appears to be reality and, hence, on the multiplicity of the meanings that this thing that we call reality could have, each depending on a particular point of departure (or in university-teaching terms: depending on the theoretical lens or the concept that one adopts). Furthermore, this video could stimulate our understanding that the dominating knowledge in economics (as well as the dominating stock of knowledge in the field of OB) serves to maintain a certain social order and, hence, particular hegemonic conditions that may be in the interest of some but not others. I invite you to watch the video and consider yourself to what extent it could be useful contribution to our understanding of teaching (not only OB but also other academic topics) from a critical perspective.

Thanks to Werner Nienhüser ( for making me aware of this video.

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