A quick note on the fourth edition of Fiona Wilson, Organizational Behaviour and Work

This semester I use the fourth edition of Fiona Wilson’s textbook ‘Organizational Behaviour and Work. A Critical Introduction’. I like the revised version. However, there is one issue that I have with the book. Already in the 3rd edition I observed that many data, examples and cases that the text uses are related to the UK context. And this continues to be the case in the fourth edition. On the one hand, this is understandable to some extent given the author’s background. However, using this book for university classes outside the UK students may develop the impression that this is a textbook that exclusively focuses on the UK and, hence, may be ill-suited for OB classes taught for example at a Danish university. To deal with this potential misunderstanding, I add examples, data and cases from other European countries, even though this means additional preparation effort on my side.

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