Scientific Management

Frederick Winslow Taylor is a name that students in management and organisation studies should remember. More importantly, they should remember his work and how what he wrote influenced the organisation and management of work. In addition, his concept of management had a huge influence on what we often take management to be nowadays. I found a fairly informative introduction to Taylor’s work on Youtube. The movie is called “Frederick Taylor- the biggest bastard ever” and consists of two parts, 10 minutes each. Do not become confused by the title, though. The video is by no means a personal insult to Taylor. Rather it sheds some light on Taylor’s life, explains the principles of scientific management, shows Taylor’s work-studies, and illustrates how his ideas of management and organisation have been adopted. I believe this video is worth showing to the students as it may serve as an easy to understand introduction of Taylor’s work. Furthermore, watching the video could be an excellent starting point discussing how we understand the concept of management in the field of Organisational Behaviour.

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